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Shop with LBC Shipping Cart

Do you want to shop at U.S. Online Stores while in the Philippines?

Shipping a product internationally can be a problem and LBC Shipping Cart is our best solution.

When I’m shopping at Amazon.com, I always use a third party shipping service like Shipping Cart byLBC. This is definitely the best way to ship your shopping items from US to Philippines as it will help you save a lot of time and money. Shipping Cart will provide you a virtual U.S. shipping address, which does all the trick. This allows you to manage your orders from the U.S. and have them ship to your Philippine home address safely. The process will also prevent the Philippine Bureau of Customs on getting hold of your items that could only lead to high taxes.

Now Here are the Easy Steps

1—- Create an LBC Shipping Cart account

Head over to www.shippingcart.com and register.  Once your account is created, you will be provided with a Virtual US address – this is the shipping address that you’ll have to use when shopping at Amazon. The address can be easily seen on the left side of their website. Here’s a screenshot below:


2—- Start your Shopping at Amazon!

Head over to Amazon.com and add items to your shopping cart. I actually ordered 3 items – a corset,watch and a headset. During checkout, the shipping address you must enter should be the  Virtual US address provided by Shipping Cart. Here’s a screenshot from Amazon’s website:

Make sure to enter all the information correctly then complete the Checkout process. Next you’ll just have to wait until your orders are delivered to your US virtual address.


Refer to Quick Tutorial How to Order Products on Amazon.com to the Philippines

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